Volume 4, Number 1

Symposium Issue – Legislating Morality: The Debate Over Human Cloning

Fall 2000

Articles, Comments, and Speeches
The Debate on Human Cloning and Legislative Morality: Notes on Eugenics for an Age of Affluence
Frank P. Grad

Science Policy and the Law: Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning
Lori P. Knowles

To Clone or Not to Clone
E. Donald Shapiro, Jennifer Long, & Rebecca Gideon

Why Human Reproductive Cloning Should Not in All Cases Be Prohibited
John A. Robertson

Popular Cloning Versus Scientific Cloning in Ethical Debates
Lee M. Silver, Ph.D.

Views of Cloning from a Physician’s Perspective
Charles N. Aswad, M.D.

Cloning and Harm to Offspring
F.M. Kamm, Ph.D.

When Religious Expression Creates a Hostile Work Environment: The Challenge of Balancing Competing Fundamental Rights
Debbie N. Kaminer

The Inadequate Utilization of the Accounting Profession in the United States Government’s Fight Against Money Laundering
Steven V. Melnik

Why Criminalize Children? Looking Beyond the Express Policies Driving Juvenile Curfew Legislation
Deirdre E. Norton

Thou Shalt Not Challenge the Court? The Ten Commandments Defense Act as a Legislative Invitation for Judicial Reconsideration
Joel L. Thollander

Volume 3, Number 2

Spring 2000

Finally Adding Method to the Madness: Applying Principles of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design to Legislative Drafting
Thomas F. Blackwell

AIDS, Experimental Drug Approval and the FDA New Drug Screening Process
Michael D. Greenberg, Ph.D.

Community Development through Gardening: State and Local Policies Transforming Urban Open Space
Jane E. Schukoske

“Show Me the Money”-But Don’t Make Me Pay For It: An Analysis of Why Legislation Banning ATM Surcharges Is Inappropriate and Unwarranted
Anne C. Pidgeon

Book Review
A Neighborhood Divided: Community Resistance to an AIDS Care Facility by Jane Balin
Reviewed by Elizabeth A. Stull

Volume 3, Number 1

Symposium Issue – The Role of Encryption Technology in Business, Law Enforcement, and Constitutional Analysis

Winter 1999

Introductory Remarks
Building an Infrastructure for the Future
Yochai Benkler

Unlikely Adversaries: The Business and Law Enforcement Communities
Ronald K. Noble

Articles, Comments, and Speeches
Some Observations on Encryption-Plain, Simple and Unencrypted
Marc S. Friedman

Current U.S. Encryption Regulations: A Federal Law Enforcement Perspective
Charles Barry Smith

The Constitution and Encryption Regulation: Do We Need a “New Privacy”?
A. Michael Froomkin

Discussing the Constituionality of Regulating the Export of Encryption Products
David Goldstone

So Much for Savages: Navajo 1, Government 0 in Final Moments of Play
Eben Moglen

A Winner at the Polls: A Proposal for Mandatory Voter Registration
Jason P. W. Halperin

Encouraging Regulated Entities to Comply with Federal Environmental Mandates: The Need for a Federal Environmental Audit Protection Statute
Peter P. Knight

Positive Political Theory and Punitive Damages Reform: Congressional Reaction to BMW of North America v. Gore
Walter M. Norkin