Volume 5, Number 1

Symposium Issue – Regulation of Securities and Security Exchanges in the Age of the Internet

Fall 2001

Geoffrey P. Miller

Articles, Comments, and Speeches
Edward H. Fleischman

Remarks on the Movement of Capital Markets to the Internet 
James B. Carlson

Regulation FD and Private Trading on the Internet: Keeping Pace with Constant Change 
Lance Myers

State Securities Regulation and the Internet
Marc S. Crandall

Regulatory Initiatives and the Internet: A New Era of Oversight for the Securities and Exchange Commission
Roberta S. Karmel

Prosecuting Securities Fraud from a New York Perspective
Eric Dinallo

To Comfort Always: Physician Participation in Executions
Kenneth Baum, M.D.

Child Sexual Abuse in Indian Country: Is the Guardian Keeping in Mind the Seventh Generation?
Larry EchoHawk

The Flimflam Father: Deconstructing Parent-Child Stereotypes in Federal Tax Subsidies
C. Garrison Lepow

A Little Bit Disabled: Infertility and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Shorge Sato

The Practice of Polygamy: Legitimate Free Exercise of Religion or Legitimate Public Menace?  Revising Reynolds in Light of Modern Constitutional Jurisprudence
Richard A. Vazquez

A Revolution in Local Government Law: Recognizing the Home Rule Implications of Municipality Suits Against Gun Manufacturers
Eric Womack

Volume 4, Number 2

Spring 2001

Legislating Comity: Can Congress Enforce Federalism Constraints Through Restrictions on Preemption Doctrine?
Patricia L. Donze

Surface Freight Transportation: Accounting for Subsidies in a “Free Market”
Salvatore Massa

On Elián and Aliens: A Political Solution to the Plenary Power Problem
Victor C. Romero

Stereotypes, Childcare, and Social Change: How the Failure to Provide Childcare Perpetuates the Public Perception of Welfare Mothers
Kerri Harper

The Death of Media Regulation In the Age of the Internet
Steve Mitra

The Way the “Cookies” Crumble: Internet Privacy and Data Protection in the Twenty-First Century
Rachel K. Zimmerman

Volume 4, Number 1

Symposium Issue – Legislating Morality: The Debate Over Human Cloning

Fall 2000

Articles, Comments, and Speeches
The Debate on Human Cloning and Legislative Morality: Notes on Eugenics for an Age of Affluence
Frank P. Grad

Science Policy and the Law: Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning
Lori P. Knowles

To Clone or Not to Clone
E. Donald Shapiro, Jennifer Long, & Rebecca Gideon

Why Human Reproductive Cloning Should Not in All Cases Be Prohibited
John A. Robertson

Popular Cloning Versus Scientific Cloning in Ethical Debates
Lee M. Silver, Ph.D.

Views of Cloning from a Physician’s Perspective
Charles N. Aswad, M.D.

Cloning and Harm to Offspring
F.M. Kamm, Ph.D.

When Religious Expression Creates a Hostile Work Environment: The Challenge of Balancing Competing Fundamental Rights
Debbie N. Kaminer

The Inadequate Utilization of the Accounting Profession in the United States Government’s Fight Against Money Laundering
Steven V. Melnik

Why Criminalize Children? Looking Beyond the Express Policies Driving Juvenile Curfew Legislation
Deirdre E. Norton

Thou Shalt Not Challenge the Court? The Ten Commandments Defense Act as a Legislative Invitation for Judicial Reconsideration
Joel L. Thollander