Volume 6, Number 1

Symposium Issue – Legislatures, Courts, and the Contestability of Rights: A Conversation

Fall 2002

Joshua R. Geller

Introduction: Disagreement on Justice and Rights
Jeremy Waldron

Constitutional Justice
Lawrence G. Sager

An “Indispensable Feature”? Constitutionalism and Judicial Review
Keith E. Whittington

Democracy and Disagreement: A Comment on Jeremy Waldron’s Law and Disagreement 
Christopher L. Eisgruber

Constitutional Review in the Global Context
John E. Ferejohn


Revamping the Export-Import Bank in 2002: The Impact of This Interim Solution on the United States and Latin America
Hale E. Sheppard, Esq.

Advancing Civil Rights through Immigration Law: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
Juliet Stumpf
Bruce Friedman

A Tragedy and a Crime? Amadou Diallo, Specific Intent, and the Federal Prosecution of Civil Rights Violations
Michael J. Pastor

All the World Is Not a Stage: Finding a Right to Privacy in Existing and Proposed Legislation
Camrin L. Crisci

Volume 5, Number 2

Spring 2002

A Refreshing Jury COLA: Fulfilling the Duty to Compensate Jurors Adequately
Evan R. Seamone

Disparate Treatment: How Income Can Affect the Level of Employer Compliance with Employment Statutes
Philip L. Bartlett II

Cleaning up a Mess on the Web: A Comparison of Federal and State Digital Signature Laws
Julian Epstein

Advice and Consent: A Historical Involvement for Substantive Senatorial Involvement in Judicial Nominations
Matthew D. Marcotte

Caring for Our Parents in an Aging World: Sharing Public and Private Responsibility for the Elderly
Katie Wise

Volume 5, Number 1

Symposium Issue – Regulation of Securities and Security Exchanges in the Age of the Internet

Fall 2001

Geoffrey P. Miller

Articles, Comments, and Speeches
Edward H. Fleischman

Remarks on the Movement of Capital Markets to the Internet 
James B. Carlson

Regulation FD and Private Trading on the Internet: Keeping Pace with Constant Change 
Lance Myers

State Securities Regulation and the Internet
Marc S. Crandall

Regulatory Initiatives and the Internet: A New Era of Oversight for the Securities and Exchange Commission
Roberta S. Karmel

Prosecuting Securities Fraud from a New York Perspective
Eric Dinallo

To Comfort Always: Physician Participation in Executions
Kenneth Baum, M.D.

Child Sexual Abuse in Indian Country: Is the Guardian Keeping in Mind the Seventh Generation?
Larry EchoHawk

The Flimflam Father: Deconstructing Parent-Child Stereotypes in Federal Tax Subsidies
C. Garrison Lepow

A Little Bit Disabled: Infertility and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Shorge Sato

The Practice of Polygamy: Legitimate Free Exercise of Religion or Legitimate Public Menace?  Revising Reynolds in Light of Modern Constitutional Jurisprudence
Richard A. Vazquez

A Revolution in Local Government Law: Recognizing the Home Rule Implications of Municipality Suits Against Gun Manufacturers
Eric Womack