As a student-managed publication, Legislation offers N.Y.U. students the chance to immerse themselves in the complexities of legislation and regulation, hone their technical abilities, and develop subject-matter expertise through the pieces they edit and write.

None of this work, however, would be possible without the support of our alumni, friends, and donors. N.Y.U. Journal of Legislation and Public Policy is immensely appreciative to its 2018-2019 sponsors and partners for their generous contributions:

Senators’ Circle (Contributions above $1,500)

The N.Y.U. Intellectual Life Fund

Representatives’ Circle (Contributions between $500 & $1,500)

Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Donors’ Circle (Contributions up to $500)

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Madison Society Donors

Founded in 1995, the N.Y.U. Law Madison Society served as a home for students interested in the study of legislation and policy – as well as an incubator for a fledgling law journal. Although the Society is no longer active on campus, its spirit lives on. In 2019, Legislation decided to show its gratitude for its founding members as well as alumni who have supported the journal by naming its alumni-giving honors after the original Madison Society. An * marked next to a name listed above denotes ongoing support of the journal by an alumnus or alumna and thus designation as a Madison Society Donor.

Past Donors

The Journal would also like to thank its past sponsors for their generous contributions:

  • Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
  • Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

How to Donate

Donations can by made through N.Y.U. Law’s secure giving website. Please be sure to scroll down to “Other Designation” and write “Journal of Legislation and Public Policy” within the memo field. If you would like to donate by check, please use the form available below, and remit to:

Tom Sarff, NYU Law Journals, 110 W. 3rd Street, New York NY 10012