Volume 3, Number 1

Symposium Issue – The Role of Encryption Technology in Business, Law Enforcement, and Constitutional Analysis

Winter 1999

Introductory Remarks
Building an Infrastructure for the Future
Yochai Benkler

Unlikely Adversaries: The Business and Law Enforcement Communities
Ronald K. Noble

Articles, Comments, and Speeches
Some Observations on Encryption-Plain, Simple and Unencrypted
Marc S. Friedman

Current U.S. Encryption Regulations: A Federal Law Enforcement Perspective
Charles Barry Smith

The Constitution and Encryption Regulation: Do We Need a “New Privacy”?
A. Michael Froomkin

Discussing the Constituionality of Regulating the Export of Encryption Products
David Goldstone

So Much for Savages: Navajo 1, Government 0 in Final Moments of Play
Eben Moglen

A Winner at the Polls: A Proposal for Mandatory Voter Registration
Jason P. W. Halperin

Encouraging Regulated Entities to Comply with Federal Environmental Mandates: The Need for a Federal Environmental Audit Protection Statute
Peter P. Knight

Positive Political Theory and Punitive Damages Reform: Congressional Reaction to BMW of North America v. Gore
Walter M. Norkin

Volume 2, Number 2

Spring 1999

Kirp/Kagan Exchange on Adversarial Legalism
Taming Adversarial Legalism: The Port of Oakland’s Dredging Saga Revisited
Christopher B. Busch, David L. Kirp, and Daniel F. Schoenholz

Adversarial Legalism: Tamed or Still Wild?
Robert A. Kagan

Rights, Politics, and Expertise: Righting the Balance
Christopher B. Busch, David L. Kirp and Daniel F. Schoenholz

A Policy Analysis of Individual Liability — The Case for Amending Title VII to Hold Individuals Personally Liable for their Illegal Discriminatory Actions
Tracy L. Gonos

Congressional Involvement in Class Action Reform: A Survey of Legislative Proposals Past and Present
George F. Sanderson III

Volume 2, Number 1

Winter 1998

Metademocratic Interpretation and Separation of Powers
Bernard W. Bell

911: How Will Police and Fire Departments Respond to Public Safety Needs and the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Dawn V. Martin

The Evolution of State Takings Legislation and the Proposals Considered During the 1997-98 Legislative Session
Carl P. Marcellino

Book Review
Greed, Chaos & Governance: Using Public Choice to Improve Public Law by Jerry L. Mashaw
Reviewed by Linda Y. Yueh