Volume 3, Number 2

Spring 2000

Finally Adding Method to the Madness: Applying Principles of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design to Legislative Drafting
Thomas F. Blackwell

AIDS, Experimental Drug Approval and the FDA New Drug Screening Process
Michael D. Greenberg, Ph.D.

Community Development through Gardening: State and Local Policies Transforming Urban Open Space
Jane E. Schukoske

“Show Me the Money”-But Don’t Make Me Pay For It: An Analysis of Why Legislation Banning ATM Surcharges Is Inappropriate and Unwarranted
Anne C. Pidgeon

Book Review
A Neighborhood Divided: Community Resistance to an AIDS Care Facility by Jane Balin
Reviewed by Elizabeth A. Stull

Volume 3, Number 1

Symposium Issue – The Role of Encryption Technology in Business, Law Enforcement, and Constitutional Analysis

Winter 1999

Introductory Remarks
Building an Infrastructure for the Future
Yochai Benkler

Unlikely Adversaries: The Business and Law Enforcement Communities
Ronald K. Noble

Articles, Comments, and Speeches
Some Observations on Encryption-Plain, Simple and Unencrypted
Marc S. Friedman

Current U.S. Encryption Regulations: A Federal Law Enforcement Perspective
Charles Barry Smith

The Constitution and Encryption Regulation: Do We Need a “New Privacy”?
A. Michael Froomkin

Discussing the Constituionality of Regulating the Export of Encryption Products
David Goldstone

So Much for Savages: Navajo 1, Government 0 in Final Moments of Play
Eben Moglen

A Winner at the Polls: A Proposal for Mandatory Voter Registration
Jason P. W. Halperin

Encouraging Regulated Entities to Comply with Federal Environmental Mandates: The Need for a Federal Environmental Audit Protection Statute
Peter P. Knight

Positive Political Theory and Punitive Damages Reform: Congressional Reaction to BMW of North America v. Gore
Walter M. Norkin

Volume 2, Number 2

Spring 1999

Kirp/Kagan Exchange on Adversarial Legalism
Taming Adversarial Legalism: The Port of Oakland’s Dredging Saga Revisited
Christopher B. Busch, David L. Kirp, and Daniel F. Schoenholz

Adversarial Legalism: Tamed or Still Wild?
Robert A. Kagan

Rights, Politics, and Expertise: Righting the Balance
Christopher B. Busch, David L. Kirp and Daniel F. Schoenholz

A Policy Analysis of Individual Liability — The Case for Amending Title VII to Hold Individuals Personally Liable for their Illegal Discriminatory Actions
Tracy L. Gonos

Congressional Involvement in Class Action Reform: A Survey of Legislative Proposals Past and Present
George F. Sanderson III