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Legislation Competition

The 2021 Legislation Competition is now closed.

Winners will be announced at our Spring Symposium on Friday, March 5, 2021.

2021 Competition Prompt

About the Competition

After several years’ hiatus, Legis is proud to announce that it is reviving the annual N.Y.U. Legislation Competition. First held in 2014, the Competition seeks to engage the creativity and intelligence of the N.Y.U. Law student body  in solving pressing policy and regulatory problems. The competition is open to all students at N.Y.U. School of Law (including first-year students). The competition is particularly focused on the art of policy advocacy through academic research and legislative drafting.

All participants in the Competition will receive a written prompt asking them to critique a piece of legislation currently before Congress. Competitors are encouraged to propose amendments, introduce new sections, argue for alternatives to the bill, or substantively analyze why it should remain as is. Submissions will be graded by a Competition Committee for content, creativity, feasibility, form, and persuasiveness. The winning students will be given the chance to work with Legislation‘s editors for publication through our online companion, Quorum, receive a cash prize, and an opportunity to meet with Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) to discuss your proposal. Additionally, winning students will be recognized at our March 5, 2021 Politics, Power, and Women’s Leadership Symposium.

The inaugural policy problem challenged students to tackle the issue of access to legal representation and produced a number of interesting proposals. The winning proposal, published in the 2014 volume of our online companion Quorum, sought to address this concern by “authoriz[ing] state agencies that administer Social Security Act programs to open negotiations with the appropriate federal agencies to create demonstration projects that provide people with legal counsel.”

In Spring 2021, students will address Representative Katie Porter’s Help Run America Act.

Inaugural Winner

Cerin M. Lindgrensavage ’16
Model Fairness and Advocacy for Interested Recipients (FAIR) Act: Ensuring Fair and Balanced Treatment of Americans Participating in Social Security Act Programs Through Legal Representation and Counsel

*This competition has been supported in part by the generous contributions of our sponsor(s) in previous years. 

2015: LexisNexis
2014: LexisNexis, BarBri