Volume 19, Issue 3

Symposium: “‘It Is So Ordered’: Social Change and the Campaign for Marriage Equality”

Amanda Sterling

Keynote Address
Andrew Tobias

The Next Chapter in the Struggle for LGBTQIA Equality
Steven Shapiro, Melissa Murray, Kevin M. Cathcart & Eliza Byard

Achieving Results — Lessons From Civil Rights Movements
Burt Neuborne, Bebe Anderson, Peggy Cooper Davis & Richard Blum

Closing Remarks
Roberta Kaplan


Tom Stoddard, Marriage Equality, and the Stoddard Fellowships: A Husband’s Remembrance
Walter Rieman


Challenge and Tradition
Peggy Cooper Davis


Challenging the Levels of Generality Problem: How Obergefell v. Hodges Created a New Methodology for Defining Rights
Thomas A. Bird