Volume 18, Issue 3

Symposium: “Courts, Campaigns, and Corruption: Judicial Recusal Five Years After Caperton

Opening Remarks
Wendy Weiser

Caperton and the Courts: Did the Floodgates Open?
Adam Liptak, Keith Swisher, James Sample & Bradley A. Smith

The State of Recusal Reform
Charles Geyh, Myles Lynk, Robert S. Peck & The Honorable Toni Clarke

A View From the Bench
Barbara S. Gillers, The Honorable Jonathan Lippman, The Honorable Sue Bell Cobb, The Honorable Maureen O’Connor & The Honorable Louis Butler

Caperton’s Next Generation: Beyond the Bank
Jed Shugerman, Debra Lyn Bassett, Gregory S. Parks, Dmitry Bam & Rex R. Perschbacher

Closing Remarks
Dean Trevor Morrison


Recusal Failure
Dmitry Bam

Three Reasons Why the Challenged Judge Should Not Rule on a Judicial Recusal Motion
Debra Lyn Bassett

Judicial Recusal: Cognitive Biases and Racial Stereotyping
Gregory S. Parks

Caperton on the International Stage
Rex R. Perschbacher