Draft – Storing Amendment Series posts

Bring On a New Constitutional Convention!
Sanford Levinson
April 13, 2023
Responding to liberal critics who oppose calls for a new constitutional convention, Professor Sanford Levinson lays out why progressives should embrace the idea of a convention as the only effective way to reimagine our 18th-century charter for 21st-century realities.

The Constructive Unamendability of the U.S. Constitution
Richard Albert
April 13, 2023
Professor Richard Albert explores the three ways a constitution can be unamendable—formally, interpretively, or constructively because of political realities—and explains that while a combination of structure and politics makes the U.S. Constitution impossible to amend today, it does not have to stay that way.

“We the People” Can Fix What’s Broken – If We Try
Caroline Fredrickson
April 16, 2023
In response to those who say that political polarization means the Constitution cannot be amended, Professor Caroline Fredrickson reflects on her experience participating in the National Constitution Center’s “Constitution Drafting Project,” and explains how divergent groups might find common ground through the amendment process.

Article V: A Still Viable Means of Exercising Tempered Popular Sovereignty
John R. Vile
April 17, 2023
Professor John Vile argues that the U.S. Constitution’s amendment process, although cumbersome, makes constitutional development possible while retaining procedural protections and consensus-building mechanisms that help guide the polity to well-considered changes.