Appendix A: Published Accounts of Deaths and Injuries Caused by Dangerous Firearms

Type of ShootingLocationDateSummaryDeadInjuredWeaponsSources
MilitaryChattanooga, Tennessee7/16/2015Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24, a naturalized US citizen, opened fire at a Naval reserve center, and then at a military recruitment office where he killed four Marines and wounded a Navy service member, a police officer and another service member. He was then fatally shot by law enforcement officers.432 rifles including an AK-47-style weapon and 30-round magazines; 1 handgunReuters (July 16, 2015);
New York Times (July 17, 2015);
Wall Street Journal (July 20, 2015);
New York Times (July 18, 2015);
CNN (July 18, 2015);
MilitaryWashington, D.C.9/16/2013Aaron Alexis, 34, a military veteran and contractor from Texas, opened fire in the Navy installation, killing 12 people and wounding 8 before being shot dead by police.128Sawed-off Remington pump-action shotgun, 2 boxes of shells; also a .45-caliber handgun.New York Times (Sept. 17, 2013);
CNN (Sep.t 18, 2013);
FBI (Sept. 25, 2013)
MilitaryFort Hood, Texas11/5/2009Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, opened fire on an Army base. Hasan was injured during the attack and later arrested. Investigators recovered 214 rounds expended by Hasan at the shooting scene.1332FN Five-Seven handgun, easy to fire rapidly with 5.7 X 28mm ammunition.LA Times (Oct. 21, 2010);
New York Times (Nov. 5, 2009);
USA Today (Aug. 14, 2012)
MilitaryFairchild Air Force Base, Washington6/20/1994Former airman Dean Allen Mellberg, 20, opened fire inside a hospital at the Fairchild Air Force Base before he was shot dead by a military police officer outside.523One MAK-90 semiautomatic assault rifle, equipped with a 75-round drum.LA Times (June 22, 1994);
New York Times (June 22, 1994)
PoliceBaton Rouge, LA7/17/2016Gavin Long, a former Marine who served in Iraq, killed three police offers responding to a 911 call, and wounded three others. He was killed in a shoot-out with other officers responding to the scene.33Two assault-style rifles and one handgunNew York Times (July 17, 2016);
Kansas City Star (July 18, 2016);
Times Picayune (July 18, 2016);
PoliceDallas, Texas7/7/2016Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25-year-old Army veteran, targeted police at a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest, killing five officers, injuring eleven others including two civilians. Law enforcement killed Johnson using a robot-delivered bomb.511Izhmash-Saiga 5.45mm high-powered variation of an AK-style military rifle, and semiautomatic handgunsNew York Times (July 10, 2016);
Wall Street Journal (July 11, 2016)
GovernmentTucson, Arizona1/8/2011Jared Loughner, 22, opened fire outside a Safeway during a constituent meeting with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) before he was subdued by bystanders and arrested.613One Glock 19 semiautomatic handgunTime (Jan. 15, 2011);
Christian Science Monitor (Jan. 10, 2011);
New York Times (Jan. 8, 2011)
GovernmentBinghamton, New York4/3/2009

Jiverly Wong, 41, fired 98 shots from two handguns in about one minute at an American Civic Association center for immigrants before committing suicide.13445-caliber Beretta and a 9mm Beretta.New York Times (Apr. 11, 2009);
New York Times (Apr. 3, 2009)
GovernmentWatkins Glen, New York10/15/1992

John T. Miller, 50, killed four child-support workers in a county office building before turning the gun on himself.409mm semiautomatic handgunNew York Times (Oct. 17, 1992);
New York Times (Oct. 16, 1992);
New York Times (Oct. 24, 1992)
GovernmentAlexandria, Virginia6/14/2017James T. Hodgkinson, 66, opened fire at a Congressional baseball practice in Virginia wounding Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Louis.) and four others. The gunman was killed in a gun battle with police.059 mm handgun and SKS 7.62 caliber rifleWashington Post (Sept. 28, 2017);The Advocate (June 15, 2017);
CNN (June 14, 2017)
PublicOrlando, Florida6/12/2016Omar Mateen, 29, attacked the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in the early morning hours of June 12. He was killed by law enforcement after a prolonged standoff.4953SIG-Sauer MCX assault rifle, Glock 17 handgun. CNN (June 13, 2016)
Mother Jones (June 13, 2016); (June 13, 2016);
Slate (June 14, 2016)
PublicAurora, Colorado7/20/2012James Holmes, 24, opened fire in a movie theater and was later arrested outside.1258Two .40 caliber handguns, one AR-15 assault rifle, one shotgunNew York Times (July 20, 2012);
Mother Jones (July 20, 2012)
PublicSeattle, Washington5/20/2012Ian Stawicki, 40, killed four patrons at a cafe, and another during a carjacking nearby, then shot himself as police closed in. (He died later that day in a Seattle hospital.)51Two .45 caliber semiautomatic handgunsNBC News (May 30, 2012);
CBS News (June 1, 2012);
USA Today (May 31, 2012)
PublicSeal Beach, California10/14/2011

Scott Evans Dekraai, 42, opened fire inside a hair salon.81Two semiautomatic handguns, one revolver

Laist (Oct. 31, 2011);
OC Weekly (Oct. 24, 2011);
Los Angeles Times (Oct. 13, 2011)
PublicCarson City, Nevada9/6/2011Eduardo Sencion, 32, opened fire at an International House of Pancakes restaurant and later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.47Two assault rifles, including an AK-47 and a Nozinco MAK-90, and two handguns. Huffington Post (Nov. 3, 2011);
Las Vegas Sun (Sept. 6, 2011);
PublicSeattle, Washington3/25/2006Kyle Aaron Huff, 28, opened fire at a rave afterparty in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle before committing suicide.60One assault weapon, one 12-gauge pistol grip shotgun and one handgun. New York Times (Mar. 30, 2006);
NBC News (Mar. 27, 2006)
PublicColumbus, Ohio12/8/2004

Nathan Gale, 25, gunned down former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and three others at a Damageplan show before being killed by police.42One 9 mm semiautomatic handgun

CBS News (Dec. 9, 2004);

PublicGarden City, New York12/7/1993Colin Ferguson, 35, opened fire on an eastbound Long Island Rail Road train.518One 9-millimeter handgun and 160 rounds of additional ammunitionNew York Times (Dec. 12, 1993)
PublicKilleen, Texas10/16/1991George Hennard, 35, drove his pickup truck into a Luby’s cafeteria and opened fire before committing suicide.2223Two semiautomatic handguns that together held 32 bullets, one Ruger P-89 9mm pistol and one Glock 9mm.New York Times (Oct. 18, 1991);
New York Times (Oct. 20, 1991);
Violence Policy Center
PublicSan Ysidro, California7/18/1984James Oliver Huberty, 41, opened fire in a McDonald's restaurant before he was shot dead by a police officer.2119One 9mm Uzi model A Carbine, one 12-guage shotgun, and one Browning P-35 HiPower 9mm pistol.San Diego Union-Tribune;
Violence Policy Center
PublicDallas, Texas6/29/1984Abdelkrim Belachheb, 39, opened fire at an upscale nightclub after a woman rejected his advances. He was later arrested.61One 9mm handgun.

Worse Than Death: The Dallas Nightclub Murders and the Texas Multiple Murder Law by Gary M. Lavergne (Univ. of N. Texas Press, 2003);
New York Times (June 30, 1984)
PublicLas Vegas, Nevada10/1/2017Largest mass shooting in U.S. history:
Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire into a 22,000 person crowd at a country music festival from the windows of a hotel room in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.
59500+23 firearms found in the suite, including a “bump stock” that enables gun fire of hundreds of rounds per minute, a .223 caliber weapon and a .308 caliber weapon. All are believed to have been purchased legally.Washington Post (Oct. 2, 2017);
Wall Street Journal (Oct. 3, 2017);
Wall Street Journal (Oct. 4, 2017);
Wall Street Journal (Oct. 5, 2017);
New York Times (Oct. 3, 2017);
New York Times (Oct. 4, 2017);
Salon (Oct. 2, 2017);
CNN (Oct. 2, 2017)
PublicNew York, New York6/30/2017Dr. Henry Michael Bello, 45, a family physician, opened fire at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center before committing suicide.16AR-15 rifle.Heavy (July 2, 2017);
NYT (June 30, 2017)
PublicFort Lauderdale, Florida1/6/2017Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, 26, opened fire at victims’ heads at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, killing five, wounding six directly.56A Walther PPS 9mm semi-automatic pistolNBC News (Jan. 7, 2017)
MallOmaha, Nebraska

12/5/2007Robert A. Hawkins, 19, opened fire inside Westroads Mall before committing suicide.85One AK-47 assault rifle used to spray 30 rounds.Guardian (Dec. 6, 2007);
NPR (Dec. 6, 2007);
Los Angeles Times (Aug. 22, 2016)
MallBurlington, Washington9/24/2016Arcan Cetin opened fire inside Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.50Ruger rifle with 25 round magazineNew York Times (Sept. 27, 2016)
HomeHialeah, Florida7/26/2013

Pedro Vargas, 42, set fire to his apartment, killed six people in the complex, and held another two hostages at gunpoint before a SWAT team fatally shot him.60Glock 17 handgun

CBS News (July 27, 2013);
Miami Herald (July 28, 2013)
HomeSanta Monica, California6/7/2013

John Zawahri, 23, armed with an assault rifle and high-capacity magazines, killed his brother and father at home and then headed to Santa Monica College, where he was eventually killed by police.53.223-caliber assault rifle and high capacity magazines holding 30 rounds eachCBS News (June 14, 2013)
HomeFederal Way, Washington

4/21/2013Dennis Clark III, 27, shot and killed his girlfriend in their shared apartment, and then shot two witnesses in the building’s parking lot and a victim in another apartment, before being killed by police.40.40-Caliber Tauros semiautomatic pistol and pistol grip Mossberg 500 pump shotgun with a four-round saddleSeattle Times (Apr. 22, 2013)
HomeCrandon, Wisconsin10/7/2007

Off-duty sheriff's deputy Tyler Peterson, 20, opened fire inside an apartment after an argument at a homecoming party. He fled the scene and later committed suicide.60One assault rifle

Northwoods River News (Apr. 5, 2011)
HomeDallas, Texas9/10/2017Spencer Hight, 32, shot his wife and seven other individuals at a football watching party in their home, before being killed by police.80.38 caliber handgun and an AR-15 rifleFox 4 (Sept. 26, 2017);
CBS News (Sept. 27, 2017)
Places of WorshipOak Creek, Wisconsin8/5/2012U.S. Army veteran Wade Michael Page, 40, opened fire in a Sikh gurdwara before he died from a self-inflicted gunshot during a shootout with police.63One Springfield Armory XDM with three 19-round magazinesMilwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (Aug. 9, 2012);
NBC News (Sept. 10, 2012);
Los Angeles Times (Aug. 8, 2012);
BBC news (Aug. 8, 2012).
Places of WorshipBrookfield, Wisconsin3/12/2005Living Church of God member Terry Michael Ratzmann, 44, opened fire at a church meeting at a Sheraton hotel before committing suicide.74One 9mm handgun which fired 22 roundsCBS News (Mar. 12, 2005);
Fox News (Mar. 14, 2005)
Places of WorshipFort Worth, Texas9/15/1999Larry Gene Ashbrook, 47, opened fire inside the Wedgwood Baptist Church during a prayer rally before committing suicide.77Ruger P85 9mm pistol and .380 pistolNew York Times (Sept. 18, 1999);
Violence Policy Center
Places of WorshipAntioch, Tennessee9/24/2017Emanuel Kidega Samson, 25, shot a woman and seven others before accidentally shooting himself.17.40-caliber and 9mm handgunsThe Tennessean (Sept. 25, 2017);
CNN (Sept. 26, 2017)
Schools & CollegesSanta Barbara, California5/23/2014Elliot Rodger, 22, shot three people to death in the college town of Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara. He also shot others as he drove around town. He committed suicide in his car as police closed in.37SIG-Sauer P226 9mm semiautomatic pistolIsla Vista Mass Murder May 23, 2014 Investigative Summary, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office (Feb. 18, 2015)
Schools & CollegesNewtown, Connecticut12/14/2012

Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother dead at their home then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary school. He forced his way inside and opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults before committing suicide.262High-powered semiautomatic Bushmaster rifleNBC News (Dec. 14, 2012);
Washington Post (Dec. 15, 2012)
Schools & CollegesOakland, California4/2/2012

One L. Goh, 43, a former student, opened fire in a nursing classroom. He fled the scene by car and was arrested nearby a few hours later.73One semiautomatic handgunSFGate (Apr. 5, 2012);
Mercury News (Apr. 2, 2012);
CBS News (Apr. 3, 2015)
Schools & CollegesDeKalb, Illinois2/14/2008Steven Kazmierczak, 27, opened fire in a lecture hall, then shot and killed himself before police arrived.5219mm Glock semiautomatic pistol firing 50 rounds from Glock and shotgunHuffington Post (Feb. 16, 2008);
NBC News (Feb. 16, 2008);
Report of the February 14, 2008 Shootings at Northern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University
Schools & CollegesBlacksburg, Virginia4/16/2007

Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho, 23, opened fire on his school's campus killing professors and students before committing suicide.3224Two semiautomatic handgunsNew York Times Apr. 24, 2007);
Mental Health reporting, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Schools & CollegesLancaster County, Pennsylvania10/2/2006

Charles Carl Roberts, 32, shot 10 young girls in a one-room schoolhouse in Bart Township, killing 5, before taking his own life.47One semiautomatic handgun, one rifle, one shotgunTimes-News (Oct. 7, 2006);
Fox News (Oct. 3, 2006)
Schools & CollegesRed Lake, Minnesota3/21/2005Jeffrey Weise, 16, murdered his grandfather, who was a police officer, and his grandfather’s girlfriend. Weise then drove his grandfather's squad car to Red Lake Senior High School and opened fire on the reservation campus, killing another seven people before committing suicide.95Two semiautomatic handguns, one shotgunWashington Post (Mar. 25, 2005);
Fox News (Mar. 23, 2005)
Schools & CollegesLittleton, Colorado

4/20/1999Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire throughout Columbine High School before committing suicide.1324One semiautomatic assault handgun, one assault rifle, two shotgunsUSA Today (Apr. 14, 2009);
Slate (Apr. 20, 2004)
Schools & CollegesSpringfield, Oregon5/21/1998After he was expelled for having a gun in his locker, Kipland P. Kinkel, 15, a freshman at Thurston High, killed his parents at home and two students at school. 425.22 caliber semiautomatic Ruger rifle with 50 round clip, 9mm Glock pistol and .22 caliber Ruger pistol.Chronology: Kip Kinkel’s life and the events leading up to the horror of May 20-21, 1998, PBS;
CNN (May 21, 1998)
Schools & CollegesJonesboro, Arkansas3/24/1998Mitchell Scott Johnson, 13, and Andrew Douglas Golden, 11, two juveniles, ambushed students and teachers as they left the school; they were apprehended by police at the scene.510Remington 742 .30-6 rifle; .30 M1 Carbine replica; Smith & Wesson .38 revolver; Ruger Security Six .357Violence Policy Center

Schools & CollegesStockton, California1/17/1989

Patrick Purdy, 26, an alcoholic with a police record, launched an assault at Cleveland Elementary School, where many young Southeast Asian immigrants were enrolled. Purdy killed himself with a shot to the head.529Semiautomatic AK-47 rifle loaded with 75 (Jan. 18, 2009);
Lodi News-Sentinel (Oct. 12, 1989);
Time (June 24, 2001)
Schools & CollegesRockford, Washington9/13/2017Caleb Sharpe, 15, took these weapons without permission from his father and killed one student and opened fire at a group of others.
13AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and .32 caliber handgunThe Spokesman-Review (Sept. 27, 2017);
Chicago Tribune (Sept. 14, 2017)
WorkplaceHesston, Kansas2/25/2016Cedric L. Ford, who worked as a painter at a manufacturing company, shot victims from his car and at his workplace before being killed by police at the scene.314AK-47 assault rifleNew York Times (Feb. 25, 2016);
Washington Post (Feb. 26, 2016);
FOX4 News (Feb. 26 2016)
WorkplaceKalamazoo County, Michigan2/20/2016Jason B. Dalton, a driver for Uber, apparently selected his victims randomly as he went on a rampage over several hours in three different locations. 30 or more rounds were fired.629mm semiautomatic handgunNew York Times (Feb. 21, 2016); (Feb. 24, 2016); (Feb. 21, 2016)
WorkplaceSan Bernardino, California12/2/2015Syed Rizwan Farook left a Christmas party held at Inland Regional Center, later returning with Tashfeen Malik. The two opened fire, killing 14 and wounding 21, ten critically. The two were later killed by police as they fled in an SUV.1421Two .223 assault rifles and two semi-automatic pistols were used in the attack. In the suspects' car were an additional 1,400 rounds for the rifles and 200 for the handguns.Mother Jones (Dec. 2, 2015);
CNBC (Dec. 3, 2015);
New York Times (Dec. 3, 2015)
WorkplaceMinneapolis, Minnesota

9/27/2012Andrew Engeldinger, 36, upon learning he was being fired, went on a shooting rampage, killing the business owner, three fellow employees, and a UPS driver. He then killed himself.51One 9mm Glock semiautomatic handgun

StarTribune (Sept. 29, 2012)
WorkplaceNorcross, Georgia2/22/2012Jeong Soo Paek, 59, returned to a Korean spa from which he’d been kicked out after an altercation. He gunned down two of his sisters and their husbands before committing suicide.40One .45 caliber handgunGwinnett Daily Post (Feb. 22, 2012);
CBS News (Aug. 24, 2012);
WorkplaceManchester, Connecticut8/3/2010

Omar S. Thornton, 34, shot up his Hartford Beer Distributor workplace after facing disciplinary issues, then committed suicide.82Two 9mm handgunsCBS News (Aug. 4, 2010);
Fox News (Aug. 4, 2010)
WorkplaceGoleta, California1/30/2006Former postal worker Jennifer Sanmarco, 44, shot dead a former neighbor then drove to the mail processing plant where she used to work. Inside, she opened fire, killing six employees before committing suicide.7015 round, 9mm Smith & Wesson model 915NBC News (Feb. 3, 2006);
WorkplaceMeridian, Mississippi7/8/2003Assembly line worker Douglas Williams, 48, opened fire at his Lockheed Martin workplace in a racially motivated attack before committing suicide.59One semiautomatic rifle, and one 12-gauge shotgun

New York Times (July 9, 2003);
New York Times (July 16, 2003)
WorkplaceWakefield, Massachusetts12/26/2000

Michael McDermott, 42, opened fire on co-workers at Edgewater Technology and was later arrested.70One AK-47 assault rifle (49 shots), shotgun (69 shots) and semiautomatic pistol.Time (Dec. 31, 2000);
New York Times (Dec. 27, 2000);
Violence Policy Center
WorkplaceTampa, Florida


Hotel employee Silvio Leyva, 36, gunned down four coworkers at the Radisson Bay Harbor Inn before killing a woman outside.53Lorcin 9mm pistol and a Charter Arms revolver.Violence Policy Center
WorkplaceHonolulu, Hawaii

11/2/1999Byran Koji Uyesugi, 40, a Xerox service technician, opened fire inside the building with a 9mm Glock70One 9mm Glock 17 model.Violence Policy Center
WorkplaceAtlanta, Georgia7/29/1999Day trader Mark O. Barton, 44, who had recently lost a substantial sum of money, went on a shooting spree at two day-trading firms.913Glock model 17 9mm pistol and a Colt 1911A1.45 pistolIndependent (July 30, 1999);
Violence Policy Center
WorkplaceNewington, Connecticut3/6/1998Lottery worker Matthew Beck, 35, gunned down four bosses over a salary dispute before committing suicide.40One 9mm GlockNew York Times (Mar. 7, 1998);
WorkplaceOrange, California12/18/1997Former Caltrans employee Arturo Reyes Torres, 41, opened fire at a maintenance yard after he was dropped for allegedly selling government materials he'd stolen from work. He was killed by police.427.62mm assault rifle

Los Angeles Times (Dec. 20, 1997);
Violence Policy Center;
The Union Democrat (Dec. 19, 1997)
WorkplaceAiken, South Carolina9/15/1997

Ex-con Hastings Arthur Wise, 43, opened fire at the R.E. Phelon Company in retaliation for being fired after an argument with a supervisor. 43One 9mm semiautomatic pistolViolence Policy Center;
August Chronicle (Sept. 18, 1997)
WorkplaceFort Lauderdale, Florida2/9/1996Fired city park employee Clifton McCree, 41, opened fire on former coworkers he called “racist devils” inside their municipal trailer.51One 9mm Glock

New York Times (Feb. 11, 1996);
SunSentinel (Feb. 10, 1996)
WorkplaceCorpus Christi, Texas4/3/1995Disgruntled former metallurgist James Daniel Simpson, 28, opened fire throughout the Walter Rossler Company where he had worked.50One 9mm semiautomatic pistolNew York Times (Apr. 4, 1995)
WorkplaceLouisville, Kentucky

9/14/1989Joseph T. Wesbecker, 47, gunned down eight people at his former workplace before committing suicide.713Chinese-made AK-47 semiautomatic rifle, 2 semiautomatic MAC-11 pistols and a SIG-Sauer 9mm pistolLexington Herald-Leader (Jan. 9, 1990);
New York Times (Sept. 16, 1989)
WorkplaceEdmond, Oklahoma

8/20/1986Postal worker Patrick Sherrill, 44, opened fire at a post office before committing suicide.146Three semiautomatic pistolsEdmund Post Office Massacre, Oklahoma Historical Society (2009);
NY Daily News (Aug. 15, 2010)
WorkplaceOrlando, Florida6/5/2017Former soldier John Robert Neumann Jr., 45, opened fire on his former colleagues and himself.50Semi-automatic handgunHeavy (June 13, 2017);
New York Times (June 5, 2017)
WorkplaceSan Francisco, California6/14/2017Jimmy Lam, 38, opened fire on his coworkers at UPS before killing himself.35MAC-10 pistol equipped with an extended 30-round magazine and a semi-automatic handgunLos Angeles Times (June 15, 2017);
US News (June 23, 2017)
WorkplaceEaton Township, Pennsylvania6/8/2017Randy Stair, 24, opened fire on coworkers at Weis grocery before killing himself.30Two pistol grip pump action shotgunsHeavy (June 16, 2017);
Washington Post (June 9, 2017)