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Volume 9, Number 2

Spring 2006

A Case for Recognizing Unenumerated Powers of Congress
Paul Boudreaux

An Incrementalist Approach to Patent Reform Policy
Daniel R. Cahoy

Homeland Security and Federal Relief: A Proposal for a Permanent Compensation System for Domestic Terrorist Victims
Betsy J. Grey

Restoring the Ideal Marketplace: How Recognizing Bloggers as Journalists Can Save the Press
Joseph S. Alonzo

Stop the Injustice: A Protest Against the Unconstitutional Punishment of Pregnant Drug-Addicted Women
Tiffany Lyttle

Recent Developments
What’s In a Name? The Definition of an Institution of Higher Education and its Effect on For-Profit Postsecondary Schools
Melanie Hirsch

Bush v. Holmes: School Vouchers and State Constitutions
Brad Kahn

Balancing Effectiveness with Privacy: What the New York City Subway Search Case Does Not Tell Us about Technology and the Fourth Amendment
Elise Roecker


Volume 9, Number 1

Symposium Issue – The Unintended Consequences of Legislating Technology: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Fall 2005

Introductory Remarks: American Copyright Issues in the Pre-Grokster Landscape
Alison M. Norris

Making Technology Visible:  Liability of Internet Service Providers for Peer-to-Peer Traffic
Niva Elkin-Koren

Daddy, Are We There Yet? Lost in Grokster -Land
Diane Leenheer Zimmerman

Safe Harbors Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 
Mike Scott

Process Dangers of Military Involvement in Civil Law Enforcement:  Rectifying the Posse Comitatus Act 
Linda J. Demaine
Brian Rosen

Tricameral Legislating:  Statutory Interpretation in an Era of Conference Committee Ascendancy 
Seth Grossman

Lowering the Bar:  Rethinking Underage Drinking
Mary Pat Treuthart

From Delusion to Dilution:  Proposals to Improve Problematic Aspects of the Federal Trademark Dilution Act 
Anne E. Kennedy

Scared to Donate:  An Examination of the Effects of Designating Muslim Charities as Terrorist Organizations on the First Amendment Rights of Muslim Donors 
Kathryn A. Ruff

Book Review
Private Governance For All:  A Desirable Outcome or a Cause for Concern? 
M. Paige Ammons

Recent Developments
Superbug Me: The FDA’s Role in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
Vanessa K.S. Briceño

Enforcing the Fair Housing Act: Can Agency Interpretations Override Congressional Intent in Anti-discrimination Legislation? 
Francesca S. Laguardia


Volume 8, Number 2

Fall 2005

Maxed Out College Students: A Call to Limit Credit Card Solicitations on College Campuses 
Creola Johnson

New Standards of Director Loyalty and Care In the Post-Enron Era: Are Some Shareholders More Equal Than Others? 
Dana M. Muir, Cindy A. Schipani

Administratively Quirky, Constitutionally Murky: The Bush Faith-Based Initiative
Jill Goldenziel

“It’s Only Disclosure”: A Modest Proposal for Partnership Reform 
Rachel B. Grand

Why the Help America Vote Act Fails to Help Disabled Americans Vote 
Christina J. Weis

Book Review
Addressing the Emergent Dilemma of Genetic Discrimination in Underwriting Life Insurance 
Mahati Guttikonda

Recent Developments
Much Ado about Not Very Much: The Expiration of the Assault Weapons Ban As an Act of Legislative Responsibility 
Clark A. Wohlferd