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Volume 10, Number 3

Symposium Issue – Immigration Reform: Balancing Enforcement and Integration

Fall 2007

Aziz Huq

Enforcing Immigration Rules: Making the Right Choices 
Muzaffar A. Chishti

Immigration Nullification: In-State Tuition and Lawmakers Who Disregard the Law 
Kris W. Kobach

Eight Myths About Immigration Enforcement 
David A. Martin

Solutions, Not Scapegoats: Abating Sweatshop Conditions for All Low-Wage Workers as a Centerpiece of Immigration Reform 
Rebecca Smith and Catherine Ruckelshaus

Homeschoolers and Public School Facilities: Proposals for Providing Fairer Access 
Christina Sim Keddie

Book Review
How Disincentives and Income Inequality are Hurting America 
Craig Bolton

Volume 10, Number 2

Winter 2007

Who Owns a Decedent’s E-Mails: Inherent Probate Assets or Property of the Network? 
Jonathan J. Darrow and Gerald R. Ferrera

The Executive-Internalization Approach to High-Risk Corporate Behavior: Establishing Individual Criminal Liability for the Intentional or Reckless Introduction of Excessively Dangerous Products or Services Into The Stream Of Commerce 
Robert Steinbuch

Ake v. Oklahoma: Proposals for Making the Right a Reality 
Emily J. Groendyke

Unnecessary Risk: How the FDIC’s Examination Policies Threaten the Security of the Bank Insurance Fund 
Christopher M. Straw

Recent Development
The Short, Unhappy Life of the Byrd Amendment 
Tudor N. Rus

Volume 10, Number 1

Fall 2006

Voting Rights Progress in Georgia 
Charles S. Bullock III and Ronald Keith Gaddie

Time Is Still on Its Side: Why Congressional Reauthorization of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Represents a Congruent and Proportional Response to Our Nation’s History of Discrimination in Voting 
Mark A. Posner

Trapped by Precincts? The Help America Vote Act’s Provisional Ballots and the Problem of Precincts
Leonard Shambon & Keith Abouchar

Enfranchising Language Minority Citizens: The Bilingual Election Provisions of the Voting Rights Act 
James Thomas Tucker

Voter Photo Identification and Section 5 Reauthorization: An Exposition of Two Carter-Baker Commission Proposals and Their Current Status
Sara Sanchez