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Volume 11, Number 3

Spring 2008

Municipal Broadband: A Potential Twenty-First Century Utility
Carol Ellison

Balancing the Benefits and Privacy Concerns of Municipal Broadband Applications
E. Casey Lide

“White Space Devices” & the Myths of Harmful Interference
Sascha D. Meinrath  & Michael Calabrese

No Such Thing as “Free” Internet: Safeguarding Privacy and Free Speech in Municipal Wireless Systems
Nicole A. Ozer

Updating Brignoni-Ponce: A Critical Analysis of Race-Based Immigration Enforcement
Kristin Connor

One Step at a Time: Ethical Barriers to Home Genetic Testing and Why the U.S. Health Care System Is Not Ready
Rebecca Antar Novick

Book Review
Questioning Digital Citizenship: The Answer to Economic and Political Inequity?
Lindsey Greer

Volume 11, Number 2

Winter 2008

The Expanding Scope, Use, and Availability of Criminal Records
James Jacobs and Tamara Crepet

Rethinking the Eleventh Amendment: Sovereign Immunity in the United States and the European Union
Aman Pradhan

Fending for Themselves: Creating a U.S. Hedge Fund Market for Retail Investors
Houman B. Shadab

The Role of Electoral Accountability in the Madisonian Machine
Christopher M. Straw

Prosecuting Website Development Under the Material Support to Terrorism Statutes: Time to Fix What’s Broken
Alan F. Williams

Protecting the Innocent: A Model for Comprehensive, Individualized Compensation of the Exonerated
Jessica R. Lonergan

Volume 11, Number 1

Fall 2007

Boston’s Green Affordable Housing Program: Challenges and Opportunities
Patricia M. Burke, Galen Nelson, and Wilson Rickerson

Project-Based Policy Development: Building the Case for Boston’s Green Building Policy
Bradford Swing

Green Building City Survey
Meredith Laitner, Adam Stella, and Madeline Zamoyski

Measuring from the High Watermark: Defining Baselines for Water Efficiency in Green Buildings
Peter A. Nelson

Greening Runoff: The Unsolved Nonpoint Source Pollution Problem, and Green Buildings as a Solution
Michael Byrne